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Spend $100 at Poo Pourri and get a free bidet

Buy a bunch of spray to make the smells go away.

Photos by Poo Pourri/Composite by Robin Mosley/CNET

For quite some time now, Poo Pourri has been a mainstay in my home. Poo Pourri has made everyone's experience in the bathroom a far more pleasant one. The good news is that if you've been looking for something that will reduce odors in the bathroom or anywhere else, this offer is a great one to take advantage of because if you spend $100, you'll get a free bidet in the process.

Any spray from Poo Pourri goes above and beyond what anyone would ever expect because it actually mask odors, while other brands sort of let the spray mingle with everything else. If you're curious about Poo Pourri's deodorant, I've tried that too and it is the real deal. When I wear it, I don't sweat through my clothes, it masks odors no matter what I'm doing and it smells good. While I haven't use Poo Pourri's bidet, if it is anything like the rest of the products I've tried thus far, then it is going to be just as successful.

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